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Are you a car finance broker struggling to help customers who are declined by mainstream lenders?

The Solution for Customers Declined by Mainstream Lenders. Do you want to increase your funded deals and save time on administrative work? Look no further than motorlend.

motorlend is a unique marketplace solution that works with car brokers to provide a second chance for customers who are unable to secure financing through traditional methods. Our platform is connected to niche lenders who are equipped to underwrite higher-risk applications, allowing us to offer a solution for customers with impaired credit.

At motorlend, we have a specialist department dedicated to helping customers with less-than-perfect credit. If your customer is not eligible for core funder terms, we will take care of the transaction from start to finish, making the process as seamless as possible.

So why wait? If you’re a car finance broker looking to provide a solution for your customers who have been declined by mainstream lenders, sign up with motorlend today and see the results for yourself. With our expertise and network of niche lenders, we are confident that we can help you generate more funded deals and provide a second chance for your customers with impaired credit.

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